Handmade in Brazil

Mafalda’s story begins in Sao Paulo, Brazil, in 2010 when designer Maria Fernanda Sodre started creating her first pieces after graduating from fashion school. Having craftsmanship and comfort at the centre stage since the brand’s inception, Sodre soon began to design shoes that are timeless and versatile. 

Mafalda expanded internationally in June 2022, when Maria joined Rafaela and Matheus, Mafalda's partners in the UK, and the London store.

Our shoes are fabricated in small batches in a factory in Sao Paulo. We take pride in knowing the names of everyone who makes our shoes and that all of them are fairly employed in a healthy working environment.

The leather on your Mafaldas is sourced as sustainably as possible, and we do not employ chrome tanning in our production process.

Your Mafalda shoes will accompany you through the years and through the seasons, elegantly taking you from a stroll around the neighbourhood, to work, and into the evening. Even our heels sit comfortably enough so you have the freedom to go where you want and do what you like while wearing your Mafaldas.

Our designs are made to last and produced to the finest standards, with the best quality soft leathers, including exotic leather such as the Pirarucu, a fish from the Amazon River, which we source sustainably.

Marked by clean lines and geometric shapes, Mafalda is ageless, yet, contemporary. Smart, stylish, versatile, and comfortable.